MxPx - Pokinatcha (1994) Pokinatcha cover
Words by Mike Herrera. Music by MxPx.
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  1. Anywhere But Here
  2. Weak
  3. Want Ad
  4. Realize
  5. Think Twice
  6. Unopposed
  7. The Aspect
  8. Ears To Hear
  9. Bad Hair Day
  10. Too Much Thinking
  11. PxPx
  12. Time Brings Change
  13. Jars Of Clay
  14. High Standards
  15. Another Song About T.V.
  16. Twisted Words
  17. Walking Bye
  18. No Room
  19. Jay Jay's Song
  20. One Way Window
  21. Dead End
MxPx Pokinatcha Poll
What is your favorite song from Pokinatcha?

Anywhere But Here
Want Ad
Think Twice
The Aspect
Ears To Hear
Bad Hair Day
Too Much Thinking
Time Brings Change
Jars Of Clay
High Standards
Another Song About T.V.
Twisted Words
Walking Bye
No Room
Jay Jay's Song
One Way Window
Dead End

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