Simple Kind Of Life (2000)
directed by Sophie Muller

These are a bunch of stills I took from the Simple Kind Of Life video. Click on them for a larger view.

Tony and Gwen
Gwen - running
Gwen with cake
Gwen - stars
Gwen - stars 2
Gwen and Adrien
Gwen - no makeup
Gwen - no makeup
I love the ending of this video-- It shows Gwen sitting alone in her trailer after the shoot taking off her makeup (see the last stills above). I think adding that scene was very revealing emotionally and otherwise. It was surprising when I first saw the video, cause usually when I see Gwen she has alot of makeup on and she looks totally perfect. To see her without all the makeup, alone, with no one fussing over her, kinda serious, really left me with the impression that Gwen really is 'just a girl', a regular person on the inside who's not perfect, who's not always happy, who's sometimes vulnerable, and who is sometimes alone. Kudos to Sophie Muller for creating such an awesome video!

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