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1039 Slappy Hours cover 1,039/ Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (4/19/91)

Kerplunk! Kerplunk! (1/17/92)

Dookie cover Dookie (2/1/94)

Insomniac cover Insomniac (10/10/95)

Nimrod cover Nimrod (10/14/97)

Warning coverWarning (10/3/00)

International Superhits cover International Superhits! (11/13/01)

Singles and 7":

Note: a (*) means a previously unreleased non-album song or b-side.

1000 Hours - 7" (Lookout Records #17) [w/ 1000 Hours; Dry Ice; Only Of You; The One I Want] 1000 Hours 7
Slappy EP - 7" (1990)(Lookout Records #35) [Paper Lanterns; Why Do You Want Him?; 409 In Your Coffeemaker; Knowledge]
39/ Smooth LP
Waiting - 7" (2001) [w/ Waiting, Maria*]
Warning/Minority single (Australia) (2000) [w/ Warning; Minority; Scumbag*; Outsider (Ramones cover)*]
Warning Pt.1 (Import - England) [w/ Warning (radio edit); Scumbag*; I Don't Want To Know If You're Lonely*]
Warning Pt.2 (Import - England) [w/ Warning; Outsider (Ramones cover)*; Suffocate*]
Minority (Australia) (2000) [w/ Minority; Brat (live); 86 (live); Jackass] Minority single
Redundant #1 (2/10/98) [w/ Redundant (remix); The Grouch (live); Paper Lanterns (live)] Redundant #1 Redundant #2 (6/12/98) [w/ Redundant (Richard Dodd remix); Reject (live); She (live)] Redundant #2
Redundant [Aust. import] (5/26/98) Redundant [Aust. import]
Singles Box (Japan) (March 3, 1998) [w/ Longview; Going To Pasalaqua (Live); F.O.D. (Live); Christy Road (Live); Basket Case; On The Wagon; Tired Of Waiting For You; 409 In Your Coffee Maker; Welcome To Paradise; Chump (Live); Emenius Sleepus; When I Come Around; Coming Clean (Live); She (Live); Geek Stink Breath; Don't Want To Fall In Love; I Want To Be On TV; Stuck With Me; When I Come Around (Live); Jaded (Live); Brain Stew/Jaded; Do Da Da; Good Riddance; Brain Stew] Singles Box
Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance) pt.1 (England) (Jan. 13, 1998) [w/ Time Of Your Life; Desensitized*; Rotting*] Time Of Your Life pt1
Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance) pt.2 (England) (Jan. 13, 1998) [w/ Time Of Your Life; Suffocate*; You Lied*] Time Of Your Life pt2
Hitchin' A Ride (1997) [w/ Hitchin' A Ride; Sick*;Espionage (instrumental)*] Hitchin' A Ride
Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking (Import - Japan) (January 29, 1997) (Live tracks from Prague, Tokyo, and St. Petersburg) [w/ Armatage Shanks, Brainstew; Jaded; Knowledge; Basket Case; She; Walking Contradiction] Bowling Parking cover
Brain Stew/ Jaded (1996) [w/ Brain Stew/ Jaded; Do Da Da*; Good Riddance; Brain Stew (clean radio fade edit)]
Brain Stew/ Jaded (brain-shapped) (1996)
Stuck With Me (1995) [w/ Stuck With Me; When I Come Around (live); Jaded (live)]
Stuck With Me (1995) [w/ Stuck With Me (live); Dominated Love Slave (live); Chump (live)]
Geek Stink Breath (1995) [w/ Geek Stink Breath; I Want To Be On TV*; Don't Want to Fall In Love*]
When I Come Around (1994) ("Dookie" single, Aussie import) [w/ When I Come Around; Longview (live); Burnout (live); 2,000 Light Years Away(live)]
When I Come Around (1994) [w/ When I Come Around; When I Come Around (live)]
Longview (UK import) (1994) [w/ Longview; Welcome to Paradise (live); One of My Lies (live)]
Longview (Australian import) (1994) [w/ Longview; On the Wagon*; F.O.D. (live)]
Longview (German import) (1994) [w/ Longview; Going To Pasalacqua (live); F.O.D. (live); Christie Road (live)]
Basket Case (UK import) (1994) [w/ Basket Case; Longview (live); Burnout (live); 2,000 Light Years Away (live)]
Welcome to Paradise (1994) [w/ Welcome to Paradise; Chump; Emenius Sleepus]

Compilations/ Soundtracks:

SNL 25 Vol.2 (Performances from Saturday Night Live) (Sept. 21, 1999) [w/ When I Come Around] SNL25 cover
Short Music For Short People (June 1, 1999) [w/ The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink*] Short Music cover
Vol. 1-2 Live Tracks [import - Japan] (April 14, 1999) Japanese-only release pairing together the group's Japanese-only 1997 live compilation 'Foot In Mouth' with the Japanese edition of the 1996 live mini-album 'Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking', which adds the bonus track 'Dominated Love Slave'. A combined total of 19 tracks, all recorded in concert, mostly in Japan, but also in Prague & St. Petersburg. Both discs are in separate standard jewel cases with original artwork of each intact; together they come housed inside of a full color slipcase with the artwork of the former on the front & the artwork of the latter on the back. [info/ photo from] Vol. 1-2 Live Tracks
Foot In Mouth [Import-Japan] (live tracks) Foot In Mouth cover
Vol. 1 - Generations - A Punk Look At Human Rights (2/11/97) [w/ Do, Da, Da*] Generations Comp
Angus motion picture soundtrack (Aug. 22, 1995) [w/ J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)*] Angus cover
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